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A glance at our menu

Enjoy delicious authentic food from Vietnam and Thailand in a familiar atmosphere. A fond memory to those who have already been to these beautiful countries; a good opportunity to get to know their culinary cultures for those who are yet about to.
With our carefully curated menu, our aim is to prepare the most famous specialties for you as authentically as possible. We wish you a pleasant stay and bon appétit!


Som Tam – papaya salad Fresh green papaya salad with dried shrimp, fresh mint and palm sugar & lime dressing 8,00 €
Bo Tron Mixed salad with tender sautéed beef, Thai basil, peanuts and homemade dressing 6,00 €


Goi Cuon 2 homemade summer rolls with chicken or shrimp 5,00 €
Sate Gai 3 chicken skewers with peanut sauce 5,00
Nem Ran 2 homemade fried spring rolls 5,00


Tom Kha Gai Coconut milk soup with lemongrass, mushrooms and chicken 5,00 €
Tom Yam Gung Spicy large prawn soup with lemongrass and mushrooms 5,50
Wan Tan Vegetable soup with homemade Wontons 5,00



Geang Massaman Ped Grob Crispy duck with Massaman curry and fresh vegetables, served with fragrant rice 13,90 €
Phad Thai Gai spicy fried rice noodles with chicken and peanuts (medium hot) 11,00 €
Pho Bo spicy large rice noodle soup with braised beef and lots of herbs 11,50 €
Bun Bo Nam Bo beef seared with lemongrass in homemade lime fish sauce with a mixed salad and rice noodles 11,50 €
Goldener Herbst in coconut milk braised beef, served with sweet potato, pumpkin and rice

12,90 €

Click here for our full menu. All meals can also be prepared as take-away – place your order directly at the restaurant or conveniently in advance by phone.